How to Fix Xbox Error Code E101

Xbox Error Code E101 [An Easy Guide To Fix This]

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The Xbox is your online gaming console which you go to whenever you need to relax your mind and want to have a daily dose of fun and thrill for yourself. This is one of the most famous gaming consoles and does it is widely used. It is used by a large number of audiences and also has various error codes. This descriptive journal is to tell you that- what is Xbox error code e101 is, and what can you do to remove this error from your Xbox. 

What is Xbox error code e101?

The Xbox error code e101 appears on the screen of your device or gaming console whenever the user tries to update the application. Hence it can be said that the Xbox error code e101 is an updation error. 

It has been reported by many Xbox users that whenever they are trying to update the application and play the online games to their fullest and to its most updated latest version, they are encountering this error. 

As a result of which the users are unable to play any games on their exports gaming console as the obvious reason is the occurrence of this error. The result is important to find the fixes for this particular error code because if the Xbox error code e101 is not fixed, then the users can not able to play any game on their Xbox gaming console at all.

Let’s hope to see what are the probable solutions for this irritating error.

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How can we fix the Xbox error code e101?

As a matter of concern, there have been no concrete solutions for the Xbox error code e101. The Xbox company has not let out any solutions for this particular error code yet. Although they have said that they are working on it to fix this issue, but, the time has not come yet for an unofficial solution statement. 

However, these are a few amateur solutions to fix the Xbox error code e101. These solutions are tried and tested which have actually provided fixes to the error for many users.

The solutions can be stated as follows:

Tyr Updating Your Console in Offline Mode to Fix Xbox Error E101

Tyr Updating Your Console in Offline Mode to Fix Xbox Error E101

Microsoft officially recommends updating your console in offline mode to fix the Xbox error code e101. An explained guide has also been provided by Microsoft on it, but, here we are going to elaborate some steps and rest you can follow as mentioned on the official guide gifted by Microsoft.

  • Insert the USB drive into the desktop or laptop and make sure this drive has vacant space to download the update.
  • Download the Offline System Update ZIP file that is OSU1, and save the downloaded files on your computer.
  • Next, unzip the file and copy the $SystemUpdate file to your USB drive and unplug this drive from your computer after that.

Once you have carefully applied all the steps mentioned in the guide thereafter, wait for the console to update and restart.

Restore Factory Settings to Fix Xbox Error E101

Restore Factory Settings to Fix Xbox Error E101

As has been said that the Xbox error code e101 is an updation error that occurs at the time of updating the Xbox. So restoring the gaming console to its original settings can solve the problem.

You can restore your Xbox gaming console by following these steps:

  • Power of the console and unplug it for some time.
  • After plugging in the console again, press and hold the bind and Eject button. 
  • Then turn on the console and release both the buttons after two power beep sounds.
  • Select ‘reset Xbox’ and then go for ‘keep games and apps’ but if it doesn’t work then go for ‘remove everything’.

This process will help you get rid of the error code e101.

Check hard disk drive

Xbox One error code e101 may also mean that your hard disk drive is failing or it has a bad component that is unrepairable. Simply plug in your hard disk drive to a computer to check if it is defective or not. If the hard disk drive is found defective, replace it by ordering to the Xbox service center.

Replace Xbox one hard disk drive

After checking the condition of your heart test drive, you would like to get rid of the problem in it. So for that, you can replace or reformat your hard disk drive for the proper functioning of the hard disc. This will also help you to get rid of the Xbox error code e101.

Hardware issue

If all the solutions have been tested but, nothing is turning out to be in your favor, you are not being able to fix the error code at all, then you should go for the servicing of your gaming console so that they can detect and clear whatever the issue has been in it. Fixing it yourself is not an option anymore.

Therefore these were the potential solutions to the issue of the Xbox error code e101. Go and find a fix for your Xbox device.

Final Verdict

There have been no official solutions to fix the Xbox error code e101 but I hope that this descriptive guide will get you what you were looking for and you will find your probable solution to the issue of your gaming console. If you’re unable to get rid of this error code, then for sure you got to try these solutions out and see whether the bug is getting fixed or not. 

Disclaimer: The purpose of this guide is only to provide the knowledge. 

Frequently asked questions

If I am not being able to hear my friend on the other side on the Xbox gaming console, how can I fix it?

You can fix this issue by visiting the gifted guide provided by Microsoft. Here you can easily avail the benefits of this guide and solve all the audio problems with your console.

How do you fix an Xbox update error?

If the update error that you are getting is Xbox e101 then, this article has all the solutions you need to fix this annoying Xbox bug. Go through the guide to get to know a detailed solution to your problem.

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