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Why are Roblox settings not saving? Here is the Answer.

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Roblox Settings not saving: If you are interested in the Roblox online gaming platform and you are enjoying the games that this platform provides, then you must have come across this issue of the Roblox settings not getting saved. If we talk about the quality of games that Roblox provides, then in one way it is unmatchable. no doubt that Roblox is the leading gaming platform in recent times. 

Roblox provides the user with a diverse and varied source of entertainment in the world of games with an unending number of games that are of various types. this is a platform where gamers come and enjoy their gameplays along with various developers who develop and make games.

Nonetheless, Everything comes with its fair share of problems as well. problems also one such platform where there occurs numerous error codes and also default in settings. Whenever The user is browsing through the Roblox account, it sometimes crashes and the user in counters with the issue of settings not getting saved.

Go through this article and you will get to know all the details about why the Roblox settings do not get saved and how to actually fix this problem.

Possible reasons behind Roblox getting crashed or Roblox Settings not saving

Possible reasons behind Roblox getting crashed or Roblox Settings not saving

As an online platform with a lot of users and a hell of a lot of traffic on the website, it is very natural for any online platform to get crashed sometimes or the other. 

The Roblox online platform may get crashed because of a number of reasons and the most probable result of it is that the settings do not get saved, whatever the change the user put in in the settings option. 

Here are some of the reasons that have been explained which are considered to be the probable causes behind the Roblox online platform getting crashed. Reasons have been mentioned below:

Cache and corrupted files

The presence of cache files which are known as the temporary files which store specific information temporarily About certain apps or files can be a reason because of which your settings changes are not getting saved. 

Not to forget the presence of corrupted files as well. Then the cache files become corrupted in some situations, then it blocks your device to work properly and it also forces it to hang and shut down more often.

Third-party applications

The presence of third-party applications in your device also forces and restricts it to function properly and it does not allow your Roblox settings to get saved. These third-party applications are more often the antivirus software that you install in your device to make it protected but these turn out to be unnecessary additions. 

Overlay Existence

The overlay existence in the device of the user is one of the major reasons that the Roblox settings are not getting saved. the presence of discord overlay can be the most suitable example to cause this issue. Enabling the discord overlay is an additional problem for the device of the user.

Hence, these can be stated as the major causes due to which the Roblox settings are not getting saved and the user is facing problems regarding the said issue. Let’s just hop on to see what can you do to fix this problem.

How to Fix: Roblox settings not Saving?

How to Fix: Roblox settings not Saving?

Roblox users are encountering this issue where the Roblox settings are not getting saved and it’s really annoying for the Roblox users. Here Are Some of the fixes which can rectify this issue:

Create a new account (English)

The users who are facing this issue have been advised to create a new account specifically the region being English. The selected language should obviously be English because in this category only, this error is the least likely to occur.

If we ask for a reason why this problem does not occur if the language selected is English, Then there is no such specific answer to it. But since it has worked for most of the users, It is advisable to do so if you want to get rid of the problem. 

Also, there is even an option to switch to another language while playing the game in the later stages of the game if you are not comfortable playing it in English. 

Update your device drivers if Roblox Settings not saving

It is generally known that windows are in charge of the driver updates in your device. But if you are facing issues with your device then you may manually update it while performing a thorough scan of all the information and files in your device.

Delete cache and corrupted files

If there is the presence of cache files in your device then it may create problems in the functioning of your device and as a result of which it may restrict the use of Roblox as well. It is advisable that you should delete the cache files and corrupted files that are present in your device so that the proper functioning of your device may happen. 

Therefore, these are all the hard and fast solutions that are very much effective in fixing the problem of the Roblox settings not getting saved. 


It can be conclusively said that by following all the above-mentioned steps to rectify the issue of the Roblox settings not getting saved, You will be able to achieve what you are looking for. We hope this article has proven to be fruitful for you and you got rid of the said issue. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I delete cache files On my device?

Open Google and go to the settings section and choose ‘Clear browsing data’ or ‘Delete Cache data’ and allow Roblox to save the settings.

How to improve Roblox’s performance?

Roblox advises that you use a graphics card to find the best results.

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