Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-Simple Guide to Fix 2022

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If you have a question about- why you are seeing Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813? then, we have the answer. However, some other numbers may be added with the “2813”, and we have tried to explain all the errors associated with these numbers. 

Whatever your issue is, we will recommend checking whether the Nintendo server is down or not. On the down detector page, you can find out whether a high number of users are getting the same error as you, or not. If you found many users are having the same issue: means the issue is with the server and you have to wait until it is up as previous.

Nintendo itself provides a way to check whether its server is down or any maintenance work is undergoing.

Check Nintendo Status.

If the issue is not with the server, you will find out what the error codes mean and what steps will help to fix them. Of course, you don’t have to go anywhere, in this guide, we will explain all these errors and their solutions.

Why I am seeing a purchase error on the switch?

Users may face purchase errors when there is any maintenance work is undergoing or the server is down for some reason. Sometimes, connectivity issues also cause an issue and can be a problem in getting a purchase error. When you see a purchase error, your selected item won’t be purchased, and your payment gets failed. 

Nintendo Error code 2813-2473

Nintendo Error code 2813-2473

Nintendo Error code 2813-2473 is an indication of purchase failed, which means- the payment is refused by the card-issuing company. This may happen if the company found an identity authentication verification error. An authentication verification may fail due to outdated card information, lack of funds, or your account being flagged by your bank.

How to Fix this error?

To fix Error code 2813-2473 on Nintendo, remove your old card information and add a new one. You can add some funds to your Nintendo eShop card or use an alternative method of payment such as PayPal.

Error code 2813-9712

As per the official announcement, Error Code, 2813-9712 on the Nintendo switch indicates that the eShop has timed out due to inactivity, or that there is a temporary service outage with the Nintendo eShop.

To fix this error, you can’t do anything as this is not your fault. Just check if any outage is happening or not. After that wait for the time until Nintendo itself resolves this issue.

Error code 2813-0988

Error code 2813-0988

This error code indicates an issue with the eShop and this doesn’t allow you to connect with. Usually occurs when some maintenance work is undergoing on eShop. Unfortunately, you can’t fix this error on your own, this can be fixed by the Nintendo side only.

What does error 2813-0055 indicate?

It generally indicates that either the download code has expired or your selected content for which- you are attempting to redeem the download code, has not yet been officially released to purchase on the eShop. 

Additionally, maybe your download code is not valid at the time of redeeming as the different title becomes available at different times in a day. 

Some codes can be only used in the country of purchase, so to use that code, your account should be linked to that country. 

Error code 2813-0065- What is this error code?

Error code 2813-0065 indicates that the software for the download code you are attempting to redeem has already been purchased- either by you or any other person on this console. In case, if you don’t see the software downloaded on the console, maybe it has been downloaded previously and then removed or archived from the console.

To fix this error, find out the person who redeemed the code to download the software and then removed it. If you are not the person who did this, then you would not know what happened with the software. Once found the person, redownload the software and see if this resolves your issue.

If you love to play games on Roblox and get error code 277 on it then, resolve it by reading the guide.

Fix the error code 2813-0009 on Nintendo

The error code 2813-0009 on Nintendo indicates that the purchase for your selected items on eShop has been failed. Generally, this happens when a temporary service outage is running with the Nintendo eShop. As per the official solution, head on to the Nintendo home page and reattempt to shop on eShop. Check if a server issue is undergoing, wait until it is up, and start running as previously.

Fix Error code 2101-0001

Nintendo Switch users have reported that when this error code appears they see a black screen. If you are also experiencing a black screen or game crash, here is what you can do to resolve it.

  • Hold down the power button for at least 3 seconds.
  • Next, select the power options and then restart. 
  • Hold the home button for 12 seconds- if no response is coming after doing the above steps.
  • This way, you will force close your switch.
  • Now, turn ON your switch and see if the problem has been gone or not.
  • Make sure your switch has installed its latest update.
  • If nothing helps, maybe your switch needs repair

What is Error Code 2124-4517 on Nintendo, and how to fix it?

Error Code 2124-4517 on Nintendo means that the use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo. This error code appears when Nintendo detects some suspicious activities by users or violations of the Nintendo Code.

This is not specified how long you could be banned. If you think this has happened accidentally, you can contact official customer support and tell them all the story behind this.

This was all about the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813, tell us which error you have encountered and what steps helped you to fix that.

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