Fix Xbox Error Code 8015000a

How to Fix Xbox error code 8015000a [Step By Step Solution]

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How annoying it is when you start to work on something and just then your device or your console pops up with messages of disconnectivity and access denial. Are you facing issues with the Xbox error code 8015000a on your Xbox 360? Here’s everything you need to know about your console and the error and eliminate the Xbox error 8015000a.

For this, first of all, we need to know that- what actually is Xbox error 8015000a.

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone needs a break from their full-packed work schedule, gaming a something that has turned out to be like a therapy to a lot of people. Games played on your devices, mobile phones or Playstations have turned out to be a great relief for people.

For this, many PlayStations and video games have been developed by several companies out of which Xbox is one of the leading video gaming platforms that has been developed by Microsoft. 

Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 on 22nd November 2005 and just after the announcement of it, Microsoft also introduced the online multimedia player Xbox live. It was considered to be much superior to its comparative counterparts in the market. 

Xbox error 8015000a

A huge number of gamers flooded to the Xbox multiplayer platform and decrease of online gaming started to build and is still continuing. In 2020 when the latest generation of gaming consoles are on the horizon, Xbox 360 community is still unyielding and praised by people.

Now it’s time to know about the Xbox error 8015000a and what it actually means.

What is Xbox error Code 8015000a?

The Xbox 8015000a error code is actually one such error that occurs mostly when trying to login into the multiplayer platform. Most of the gamers have reported the occurrence of this error when they are trying to get into the Xbox and life platform. It appears as a form of a message along with the code.

It appears as a message like- the license is expired, is missing or corrupted or it does not belong to the Gamertag. Another form of the message of this error is that it shows a text with states that- Xbox live cannot be accessed right now. Try again later.

Therefore, this is the most common pop-up message that occurs regarding the Xbox device.

Let’s just see what are solutions we can provide for handling the Xbox 8015000a error code.

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 8015000a?

After the problem is identified the solution to it is the main part. Here are some of the ways in which you can fix your Xbox 8015000a error code and continue with your gaming on the Xbox Live multiplayer platform.

Delete the cache Data

The first and the simple step you can take to work eliminating the Xbox error in your gaming console is to delete the cache files in your device. Deleting the cache files will result in increased space and the elimination of the corrupted files in your console. 

You can easily delete the cache files on your console by simply pressing the guide X logo on your console and going to the ‘settings’ section of your device. Then select the y button on your console which will take you to the storage space of your device and there you can delete the cache files and return back to the guide x logo. 

Check The Internet Connectivity

Check The Internet Connectivity

After you have made sure that the cache files are eliminated, you can go for checking the network connectivity of your console. it can easily be done by going to the settings section and checking the connectivity of your device. Make sure the device is well connected to the internet and its service.

Unable to Access Downloaded Content

There can also be issues regarding the downloaded and redownloaded content of your console. Here’s how you can fix it-

  • Check the Xbox Live service status and confirm that your console is connected to the Xbox live service. 
  • You need to keep verifying that your content is associated with the original Xbox Live account.
  • Make sure that it’s purchased by your original Microsoft account along with the validity of your license.

Check For An Update

Make sure that your console is updated to the latest version of the Xbox Live as these platforms are very dynamic and a hell of a lot of people use them on a daily basis. They tend to update the application continuously. So if you are using it on the latest version, then only it will function at its best.

After going through and following these troubleshooting methods, log in to your Xbox Live account and download your profile. After all these steps are positively followed, you will not receive the error message again. 


Xbox 8015000a error code is a very common error code that occurs while players are about to login into their Xbox live platform and the latest versions of it are keeping it on the track that the errors are avoided as far as possible but even if you are facing with any of the errors that you can go through the above-mentioned steps and you will hopefully find your solution.

Most frequently asked questions

Here are some of the related questions that have been asked most by people about the Xbox 8015000a error code.

What is the Xbox 8015000a error code?

Error Code 8015000a on Xbox one is a sign-in error that prevents users to sign in to their Xbox Live account.

How can we make fix the Xbox 8015000a error code?

To fix this error, check your internet connection, delete cache files, and check for an up[adte available for your Xbox console.

Can updated versions of the Xbox eliminate the problems of the error code?

In some cases- Yes, It should be. In case, not, try deleting the cache data of your device and power cycle your internet device. Sometimes, the error code can appear due to an unknown issue as well.

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