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Roblox error code 523 [Explained & Fixed]

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Roblox is a leading gaming platform where users can play and develop their online games and also they can access the online games developed by other users. The growth of Roblox has been really inspiring to other online gaming platforms as well. 

Where there is this much traffic, the occurrence of error codes is very natural there. so Roblox is also no different as there are also a lot of errors that appear on the screen of the device of the users as pop-up messages with error codes. Roblox error code 523 is also one such error code that acts as a hindrance or a problem whenever a user is trying to use the Roblox online gaming platform.

What is this particular error code about, and why does it occur is something which you need to know before getting to know how to solve it. so let’s just see what is this code about and then we’ll let you know everything about the solution to it in this descriptive guide.

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What is the Roblox error code 523?

What is the Roblox error code 523?

The Roblox error code 523 is said to be an issue with the origin web server. Many users have come across the Roblox error code 523 and it has been noted that the first, that is the origin web server through which the user tries to enter and connect to the game is unreachable. The origin web server is unreachable, causing the Roblox error code 523 to occur. 

You will see an error message which will pop up on the screen of your device which states as:

“Error 523: Origin is unreachable”.

This clearly means that the server to which the user is trying to connect constantly while trying to enter into the game or to play the game is unreachable and has not been found hence the user is facing the Roblox error code 523 to occur. 

Causes Of Roblox Error Code 523

Causes Of Roblox Error Code 523

As a cause of the occurrence of the Roblox error code 523, we can say that the reason behind this is whenever the user is trying to access unknown servers that mean the server which does not recognize the address of the users and has not accepted their invitation, the server becomes unreachable and it shows the particular Roblox error code 523. 

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This happens whenever the user tries to join a private server where the server administrator has set its accessibility to ‘private’. 

As the cause of the reason behind occurrence of error 523 has been identified, it is now time to know how can you fix the same.

How can you get rid of the Roblox error code 523?

Solution of the Roblox error code 523

Here are some of the legitimate fixes which will help you to solve the problem. They are mentioned as follows:

Use a supported browser

Use a browser that is supported by your device to play the Roblox. make sure that your browser is updated to its latest version because to explore the games in your Roblox online gaming platform you need to have the most latest version of your browser. You can try to use a different browser as well if the one you are using is not working properly.

Reset your internet

Sometimes, by resetting your internet options you can get this bug fixed. For that you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the internet explorer and go to the gear options.
  • There you’ll see internet options, you need to open the advanced tab.
  • Click the reset button and close internet explorer. 

Then try playing again and you are good to go.

Check wireless connection

If you are using wireless connectivity and that does not give you hindrance-free browsing of the Roblox application, then you may switch to a wired connection as it grasps good connectivity. Hence, the wired connection is much more suitable whenever you are using any browser or network when it comes to comparison with the wireless network.

Disable ad-blockers and browser add-ons

The ad blockers and browser add-ons can bring a lot of complications including a game to stop loading. So for that, you need to disable the ad-blockers and the browser add-ons on your device. It will not cause any harm to your device so you can be tension-free regarding that. 

Proper firewall configuration

Make sure that your firewall configuration is absolutely okay and the antivirus security applications are also in check. Major antivirus switches can make your device not load the game.

Re-install Roblox

If any of the following solutions don’t work then just try to uninstall and reinstall the Roblox application again. This is a very common fix that has actually helped a lot of users to get rid of this annoying bug. This is not a definite fix though. You need to see it on an experimental basis. 


Roblox error code 523 indicates a server-side issue that might appear when you are trying to connect or join an unknown server. In other words, if a server from which you want to join yet has not accepted your invitation, you may face the error code 523 on your screen. In short, to fix this error code, make sure all the ports are open properly, use a supported browser, reset your internet connection, disable antivirus and ad blockers, and if nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall.

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Final Thoughts

All these solutions are tried and tested and I hope that you got the fix to the problem of the Roblox error code 523. Go through this solution guide properly and you will get the solution to the problem you are facing.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of error is the Roblox error code 523?

It is a server error that is associated with the origin server.

How can the Roblox error code 523 be fixed?

The fixation of the Roblox error code 523 has been stated in a detailed way in this solution guide.

What is the Roblox port range?

Roblox ports are dependent on the Operating system that is being used by the user. The range is presently UDP 49152 – 65535. So, keep in mind that all the ports are open so that the Roblox can connect with your router property.

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