Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to wifi

Nintendo Switch not Connecting to WiFi: Here is the Solution.

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Are you looking for the solution- Nintendo Switch not Connecting to WiFi? Here you can go.

The Nintendo Switch is a handheld gaming console which is developed by Nintendo and was launched in September 2019. It is the only handheld version of the Nintendo gaming console.

The Nintendo Switch is an online platform for exploding games and hence it requires an internet connection. So most people prefer to play games on the Nintendo Switch gaming console by connecting it to the Wi-Fi. but recently many users have reported the problem of the Nintendo switch not connecting to the Wi-Fi. 

If your Nintendo switch does not connect to the Wi-Fi, You won’t be able to download games, titles, or any updates for that matter. You won’t be entitled to download new stuff but you will still be able to play the games that are still there. But who wants to play the old boring games again and again? Therefore, the Nintendo switch must connect to the Wi-Fi.

In this article, we will provide you with all the solutions that will help you to solve the issue of the Nintendo switch, not connecting to Wi-Fi. but before knowing the solutions, it is important to go through the causes that are the reasons for the occurrence of this problem.

Possible Causes When Nintendo Switch not Connecting to WiFi

Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to the internet

The Nintendo Switch will not have a connection to the Wi-Fi in either of the cases where the Nintendo switch that is already connected to the Wi-Fi will lose its connection or the Nintendo switch will not be able to establish a new connection, in the very beginning.

It can happen because of various causes that are mentioned below:

  • It can be the issue from the Nintendo switch side where the Nintendo switch online services are down.
  • If your Nintendo switch is not in the range of the Wi-Fi, Then also it won’t be able to connect to the router.
  • It’s your Wi-Fi is not working or the Wi-Fi network is down.
  • The network security key is incompatible.
  • If a firewall is preventing your switch from accessing the network then also your connection with the Wi-Fi won’t be built.

Therefore these are the major causes of your problem that is the problem of the Nintendo Switch not Connecting to WiFi.

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What to do when the Nintendo switch is not connecting to the Wi-Fi?

A long set of solutions has been provided to troubleshoot the said problem. All of them are listed in this section which goes as follows:

Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to wifi

Check the status of Nintendo switch online

If the problem is strong Nintendo’s and the global or local servers of the Nintendo Is in a service outrage, Then there is no way you will be able to access and connect the Nintendo to your Wi-Fi. It is not a problem at the user’s end, hence, there is no way that the user will be able to solve this issue.

Catch Your router range

If you are very far from the range of your router then it won’t establish a connection with your Nintendo switch. So move closer to the Wi-Fi and make sure that you are in the range of your router.

Check internet connectivity

It is important to see whether the problem is in your network or not. try connecting other devices like PC or phones to the internet and if they get connected, that means your internet is good to go and you may try other troubleshooting steps.

Restart the Switch

Just try this simple fix as it works for most of the errors. Just turn off and restart your Nintendo switch again and it may automatically show you that the error is fixed.

Restart your router

It can be a possibility that the problem is in your router. You can just restart your router to see whether the problem got fixed or not. Even if you are using a modem, try connecting it after waiting for some time.

Check firewall settings

Your network firewalls can prevent your Nintendo from connecting it to the Wi-Fi.  Disable your network firewall to overcome this hindrance. 

Forward network ports

You can check that your Nintendo Switch can access all the bandwidth it needs by forwarding ports through your Internet device (Router). You can also try to change the configuration of the router to get a clear bandwidth.

Therefore, These are all the probable solutions to fix the problem of the Nintendo switch not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Final Words

Even after trying all these solutions, you are not being able to find the fix, you may contact support to the Nintendo switch and ask the developers to help you overcome this problem. I hope this solution guide has proven to be useful to you as it has been to many other users.

Users Queries

Why does the problem of Nintendo Switch not Connecting to WiFi arise?

It occurs if the connection is lost or the connection is not built in the beginning.

Can it be a problem at the end of the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, it can be the problem at the end of the Nintendo switch as well if service outrage occurs.

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